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We provide smithing and repair services for many firearms, please feel free to bring in the repair cased and unloaded for an estimate.

Duracoat/Cerakote Services

Wondering what your gun would look like in pink, purple, gold, dark earth or more? Contact us for details about coating your slide, frame, action, furniture or more. Services start at $65.

Hydro Dipping Services

Hydro dipping services are expected fall 2016.

Custom Kydex Holsters

Custom Kydex holsters available August 1st, 2016

Retail Store

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Providing a great selection of products our retail store offers: grips, stocks, slings, lights, lasers, scopes, DOT sights, mounts, cleaning and tools, quad rails, forends and handguards.

We stock tactical gear, plate carriers, emergency and outdoor equipment and preparedness foods.

Additionally we stock a full line of reloading equipment and supplies like bullets, primers, powder, presses, dies, shell holders and accessories.

Glock OEM parts also in stock.

We Like To Help

Not sure if you will like it? Or maybe it won't fit? No problem, we encourage our customers to bring their firearm (unloaded and cased of course) and we will be glad to test fit when we can to make sure you are happy with your upgrade or accessory.

AR Platform Build or Repair - In Stock

Looking to build an AR platform rifle? We stock everything you need to get it together and get lead down range. Cleaning your AR and a spring or detent went flying? Easy - we stock receivers, barrels, parts kits, repair parts, bolt carrier groups, charging handles and lots more!

Firearms & Ammunition

We offer a distinct selection of affordable and quality firearms not usually offered in the QC Area. We stock ammunition in both target and Hornady Critical Defense/Duty in popular calibers.


Looking to sell your unwanted firearms and don't want the hassle? Bring them in.


Buy a gun online or need to do a private sale? No sweat, transfers are just $15. See our transfers page for more info.



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Firearm Transfers

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Private Sales

Buying from a private individual or simply transferring ownership? No problem, both the buyer and seller meet at our shop, the firearm being sold/given is booked in and then transferred to the buyer/recipient through standard procedures. Buyer/Recipient must be an Iowa resident, the seller or current owner of the firearm can be from any State.

Why do this for private sales? It greatly reduces the seller of liability for insuring the recipient/buyer is of legal age and is legally able to have the firearm.

IMPORTANT: It is illegal (bad) to sell, give or transfer a firearm (gun) to anyone across State lines without using a dealer transfer. For example: A friend from work wants to sell you his shotgun, he lives in Illinois, you live in Iowa - ILLEGAL.

Internet/Mail Order

Effective immediately, BHTC no longer accepts FFL transfers for internet/mail orders. All firearms already in shipment must arrive by June 23, 2017. Call 563-345-6677 for more details


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Iowa Weapon Permits

Looking to get an Iowa Weapon Permit (CCW), we provide certification and training. All trainees and certification must shoot on the range. For dates and availability please call the shop at 563-345-6677.

Reloading Instruction

After September 1st, 2016 we will be offering reloading classes for the beginning reloader or the novice looking for tips, stay tuned.